English (Repeat) prescriptions

You can request your medication in various ways:

At the GP

Do you use medication that requires a prescription? Then request this prescription from your doctor. You can request your medication from the general practitioner (GP) in various ways:

  • Online:  

Click here to request a (repeat) prescription from your GP online

  • Call: Call the general number of your health center.
  • Visit: You can request your prescription from the assistant at the desk at our centre.

At the SGE pharmacy or SGE Medipunt   

Do you have a valid (repeat) prescription or are you familiar with contraception, insulin or medical devices? You can request this directly from the SGE pharmacy or SGE Medipunt. This is also applicable to products that are available without a prescription. You can request your medication at the SGE pharmacy or SGE medipoint in various ways:  

  • Online:  

Click here if you have a repeat prescription (a light yellow note)  


Click here if you have new prescription note.

Please bring this note with you when you go to pick up your order!  

  • Mailbox: You can deposit your (repeat) prescription in the mailbox of your own pharmacy.
  • Drop by: You can deliver your (repeat) prescription at the counter of your pharmacy.
  • Calling / e-mailing: You can also call or e-mail the pharmacy for your medication/products.   
All prescriptions that have been requested before 1 pm can be picked up the next working day in the afternoon at your SGE pharmacy or SGE Medipunt. If we have your email address or mobile number you will receive a message via email or a text message as soon as it is ready. All prescriptions that are requested in the weekend (also Friday afternoon after 1:00 pm) can be picked up from Tuesday afternoon at your SGE pharmacy or SGE Medipunt. Are you registered with another pharmacy?  In that case please ask the assistant of the other pharmacy at what time you may come to pick up your medication.

Please note: SGE will stop offering the option for persons older than 16 to request a repeat prescription with the digital form known to you. 
Persons older than 16 can now request repeat prescriptions in the safe online portal MijnGezondheid.net or in the associated MedGemak app. 
By using this portal we can provide you with even better care when it suits you best. We ask our patients older than 16 to start using this portal. 
Unfortunately the portal is not available for persons younger than 16. They can still use the digital form.

The advantages of MijnGezondheid.net and the MedGemak app and how you can register for them can be found here

This information has been translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

Boostervaccinaties verlopen via de GGD
Boostervaccinaties verlopen via de GGD
Geplaatst: 23 november 2021

De huisarts heeft geen rol meer in het toedienen van COVID-vaccinaties. ----- The booster vaccinations are provided by the GGD.

Enquête Digitaal Gezondheidscentrum
Enquête Digitaal Gezondheidscentrum
Geplaatst: 10 november 2021

- De enquête is gesloten -

Coronavirus - laatste update
Coronavirus - laatste update
Geplaatst: 8 november 2021

Aanpassing coronamaatregelen binnen SGE met ingang van maandag 8 november.